How Do You Know If You Have What it Takes to Be a Professional Entertainer?


So you’ve practised your routine, bought your costume and think you have what it takes to be a professional party entertainer? Well let’s find out…

Do you have talent?
Firstly and quite importantly you need to ask yourself if you really have the skills to make people cry with laughter, drop their jaws in amazement or fascinate them with your unique abilities.
Now if your reading this my guess is that you answered yes to one of the above but sadly many people misguide themselves. Its important to get other peoples opinion, now don’t be shy after all if you’re going to do this for a living you will need to be outgoing! OK so you’ve got yourself some good feedback what now? Well read on…

Are you original?
By now you know you have at least some talent (well your so called friends said you have anyway) so what else will help you? Originality of course! There are countless entertainers out there so being original will help you both in getting work and entertaining your clients. After all things are always better the first time round.

Are you confident?
Stage Fright – the entertainer’s nightmare. If you’ve never performed in front of an audience then showing off to a crowd is a must before you launch yourself into the world of entertainers. So how do you get your first gig? Easy… do it free! Go to a school, hospital, charity or old peoples home and make someone’s day (or perhaps not) while getting some experience.

Are you motivated, determined and ready to work hard?
Don’t be fooled by illusions of glamor, entertaining will be your work and it is certainly not easy!
You will need to work very hard to get noticed, most entertainers do not make it big, they don’t make it onto MTV or lucrative magazine deals. Don’t get me wrong you can enjoy your work but its not all fun and games.

Do you know how to market yourself?
Right so you have talent, confidence, you’re not scared of a bit of work and you have an original act. All that’s left is a bit of self promotion. Now you have to be comfortable ‘blowing your own horn’ because you will need to promote yourself ruthlessly, now this is very important you can be the best entertainer on the planet if no one knows its no good. You will need a promo video, a collection of references and some promo material like flyers or business cards to give to give your clients before and after events.


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