Why Singing Waiters Make Ideal Event Entertainment


When planning an event, naturally you want your celebration to be unique and of course you want to make it a night to remember for all your guests. From conception to execution every detail is important; the right venue, the perfect theme and of course, the best entertainment.

When it comes to making a good impression, the perfect entertainment will play a huge part. Whether you book a musical act or another type of entertainment, you’ll be looking for professionals that are well suited to your guests, fit the style of your event and are of the highest artistic standard.

Surprise Singing Waiters or an Opera Singing Chef can be a very impressive way of entertaining your guests that is both fun and stylish. Singing waiters are professional singers; often with international profiles who will have headlined in opera houses and music theatres around the world. Such talented and seasoned artists will be guaranteed to be a highlight of your celebration when they drop their disguises and start to sing.

Not Just Opera Singing

Most acts have a fun presentation with a broad appeal. They will perform a wide range of musical styles, not just opera. Many have a fixed show others will build a repertoire that will work for just about any occasion: Charity fundraising, weddings, birthdays, Corporate functions to name just a few

What do these waiters and chefs do?

The singers normally serve tables at the function together with regular waiting staff, albeit with a twinkle in their eyes and a few more comments to guests than regular staff member. At some point one of the singing waiters causes a distraction and bursts into song serenading guests. The performance is often staged during or after the main course of the meal at the event or wedding, but the format has diversified and expanded to encompass performance at whatever stage of an event is best suited to the function hosts. The format typically includes performers dressed as any number of service staff, firemen, security guards, chefs, medical personnel and often even guests incognito appearing and breaking disguise on cue.


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